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Snakesnakewhale. – Castle, PA
The American band Snakesnakewhale. got together to play the music on which all 5 members of the group grew up. This music gave them the meaning of life, gave them hope and charged them with its uncompromising and directness.

Snakesnakewhale.'s new single 'Castle, PA' is a great addition to their music catalog. The song has powerful guitar riffs and cascading drums, the steel bass is pumped and elastic. The vocal lines are emotional and sublime, the power of truth is felt in them, in which the castle is glorified as a metaphor for life.

'Castle, PA' this is a dynamic musical composition whose structure is filled with emo rock and post hardcore. Pop-punk bridges dissolve the rich atmosphere of the track and throw it back into the driving stream of cool alternative.  

Listen to the single 'Castle, PA' below on Spotify and discover the creativity of the incredible Snakesnakewhale..