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Kelsie Kimberlin – We Are The Promise
American-Ukrainian singer Kelsie Kimberlin continues her active support of Ukraine and its struggle against fascist invaders. Her previous 4 music videos shot on the theme of the war in Ukraine went viral and brought Kelsie Kimberlin popularity.

Her cooperation with the great Ukrainian composer and film director Sergiy Krutsenko began in 2017. She sent him a demo of the song, which he began to arrange. The resulting song 'We Are The Promise' impresses with its inner strength and charge.

Kelsie Kimberlin sings inspiringly and clearly calling for the fight against the dictatorship. Her phrases 'We are the Promise, We are the Glory, We are the Story' are organically suitable for the modern Ukrainian government and can become a kind of hymn to raise the indomitable spirit of Ukrainians.  

Rock accompaniment with a symphonic line has an upbeat mood that perfectly intertwines with Kelsie Kimberlin's bright vocals. Unfortunately, a year ago, Sergiy Krutsenko died without having time to edit the music video for this song. His team finished this music video and now it's in front of us.

The dramatic plot of the film tells about the main character, a free person played by Kelsie Kimberlin, and the dictator and his subordinates. Like a pack of zombies, the mob chases this magical girl's last glimmer of freedom to destroy it, but she always breaks free from their grasp to reignite the fire of the fight and continue her life's work.

Watch the music video 'We Are The Promise' below on YouTube and follow the work of the talented artist Kelsie Kimberlin.