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A Certain Someone – Pathetic Fallacy
A Certain Someone is a project of the German-based musician and singer-songwriter René Arbeithuber, who is also known as a member of the bands Slut and Pelzig. Behind him are a dozen excellent records of joint creativity and now he has embarked on a new path of solo art.

The single 'Pathetic Fallacy' is the first release from A Certain Someone and which gives an opportunity to enjoy atmospheric shoegaze with elements of dream pop and indie rock. 'Pathetic Fallacy' is a gorgeous and enticing musical composition that entices and beckons into its dark essence and gives a compassionate mood.  

The song tells about one woman and her complicated fate, about her actions, pain and doubts. A dreamy vocal line and piercing guitars fill this gloomy track with freedom and some vital energy. A memorable motif flows easily through the condensed structure of this sad life song. 

In the music video 'Pathetic Fallacy', we go on a strange journey with the main character, where she is surrounded only by twilight, the forest and the uncertainty of her path. Watch the music video 'Pathetic Fallacy' from A Certain Someone on YouTube below and follow the work of this cool and promising artist.