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Empty Machines – Velvet Sky
On December 15, Scottish duo Empty Machines released their second single 'Velvet Sky'. The song continues the line of alternative and atmospheric sound of their first successful single and once again opens before us this unique and original musical project.

Empty Machines write and record their tracks independently in a home studio and create deep music videos for them. 'Velvet Sky' sounds powerful and pulling, filling the sound space of this musical composition with a dense wall of sound with shoegaze shades and the spirit of dark wave. The cascading drums pump up the atmosphere with their sparkling accents, and the penetrating female vocals emotionally lead the line, inviting us into the mysterious world of the secret and the unknown.

In the music video 'Velvet Sky', we have the opportunity to enjoy an original video collage that reveals the vicissitudes of human history and its ambiguity. The dynamic editing further enhances the song's aesthetic, imbuing the video with a dark and brooding vibes.

Watch the music video 'Velvet Sky' below on YouTube and discover the luscious, meaningful work of Empty Machines.