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Jason Myles Goss – Misfit
American singer-songwriter Jason Myles Goss returned after an 8-year hiatus with a new EP 'Misfit'. The 6-track record is a new stage in the creative path of this talented artist. The musical catalog of Jason Myles Goss is full of interesting and exciting records that speak of his thoughtfulness, search for truth and acceptance of life as it is.

Before us is his new large work filled with intelligent thoughts, which can fully speak of the wisdom and confidence of the author of the presented songs. The tracklist of the mini-album 'Misfit' is listened to in one breath primarily because of the words of the simple truth of life and the special warm and silky timbre of the singer's voice. His vocal lines are smooth and unhurried, playful and witty.  

The artist dives into the themes of growing up, the duration of feelings and the strange fleeting path of life. Together with the author, we reflect on our actions, past and future comparing good and evil, love and misunderstanding. Musically, EP 'Misfit' has a fantastic live sound where the ensemble play uses elements of Americana, folk and soft rock. 'Misfit' from Jason Myles Goss, this is a penetrating and magically frank album that is recommended to everyone who is looking for relief and moderation.  

Listen to EP 'Misfit' below on Spotify and enjoy some great new songs from the deep and honest Jason Myles Goss.