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Thirst And The Cow (TATC) – The Main Sequence at Last
The music project Thirst And The Cow (TATC) was created to write and release non-standard and charismatic music. Musicians with amazing experience and talent participate in the project. The work is mainly done remotely and includes active members of Touch Guitar Circle.

Their new album is called 'The Main Sequence at Last' and it was released on December 1st. The album's tracklist consists of 12 original musical compositions that immerse listeners in a deep and unidentified space.  

The instrumental music presented on the album 'The Main Sequence at Last' is the quintessence of fantastic forms and structures that contain the color range of guitar prog music and post-rock atmosphere. The cool playing of the instrumentalists gives a moment of enthusiasm for our immeasurable cosmos and the life that is born there every second.  

Listen to the album 'The Main Sequence at Last' on Spotify below and experience the incredible aesthetic pleasure of this worthy record from Thirst And The Cow (TATC).