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Robert Vendetta – Fool
On November 21, Robert Vendetta released his new single 'Fool'. This is already the third release this year from this fantastic artist, whose songs have been listened to repeatedly even by the royal family.

Robert Vendetta returns retro in a new direction where the songs of great artists of the past influence the formation of its sound. The new message and modern theme of his songs make these tracks not just retro, but a completely new song art.

'Fool' has a sad motive and tells about the loss of friends due to some trifles and misunderstandings. Everything could have been fixed in the past, but not everything was done right. 

'Fool' is a powerful soul ballad in which the artist accompanies himself on piano and leads a heartbreaking vocal. The beautiful musical treatment is endowed with magical sound waves, where crescendo and sensual silence intersect in a sad duet.

Listen to the single 'Fool' below on Spotify and enjoy a soulful new song from Robert Vendetta.