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Assa Music – Typical
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The Norwegian artist Assa Music presented a new single 'Typical' on February 16. This track is a cover version of the famous song by Alok and Steve Aoki.
Down South Pepper band – Hand in my Pocket
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On January 12, Down South Pepper band released their new single 'Hand in my Pocket'. The song tells about the fragility of money and worries about its safety. The richer the person, the greater the concern for their wealth, and this is true.
Transcending Into the Unknown – Giants
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Transcending Into the Unknown released their new single on January 12. The song is called 'Giants' and it is a kind of quintessence of the influences and preferences of the three members of this band. Transcending Into the Unknown can be called a family band because it includes Filip, Robert and Stian Dahl.
Robert Vendetta – Fool
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On November 21, Robert Vendetta released his new single 'Fool'. This is already the third release this year from this fantastic artist, whose songs have been listened to repeatedly even by the royal family.
Electric High – Crooks
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On October 6, the Norwegian rock band Electric High released a new single 'Crooks'. The song tells about the crooks who are all around us and who have their own plans for us. The hard rock basis of this musical composition has a dynamic arrangement that keeps us in suspense throughout the track.
Robert Vendetta – Here and Now
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On August 29, a new single by the Norwegian artist Robert Vendetta was released. The song is called 'Here and Now' and it is the second release of this year by this gifted singer and musician.
Isak’s Island – Someone I’d Recognise
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Isak's Island is a musical project of Norwegian singer-songwriter Aksel Undset, who released his second album on May 26. He wrote and produced the album 'Fallen Anchors On The Sea Bed' himself and featured other fine musicians who also contributed to this charming indie-folk record.
Sienná – Wa-Kei-Sei-Jyaku 和敬清寂
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The sixth full-length album called 'Wa-Kei-Sei-Jyaku' by Kyoto-born and Oslo-based musician and producer Sienná was released on May 16. As an experimenter and representative of the electronic scene, Sienna has achieved recognition among fans of serious music.
Birds are better – Seven In The Morning
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Birds are better is a musical project created by a Norwegian singer-songwriter Stian Fjelldal. In his songs, Birds are better combines the spirit of folk music with the melodic power pop and the simplicity of indie.
Birds are better – Super Highway
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'Super Highway' is the name of the new single of the Norwegian music project Birds are better, which was released on March 10. This song is already the third single from the upcoming album, the release of which is scheduled for May of this year.
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