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Simesky+Fritch – SKALA.02
Simesky+Fritch is an unparalleled musical project that marks a new breakthrough of cool retro 80s with new, refreshing interpretations. Simesky+Fritch are two experienced musicians, each of whom has an interesting creative path.

One of them is in Belgium and the other in Wales, but this does not prevent them from cooperating successfully. Their first joint album 'SKALA.02' was released on November 10 and revealed to the world an original tracklist of 7 tracks.  

The presented songs are filled with synthesizer waves and electronic bass. Inventive beats and beautiful dreamy guitars intertwine in one blissful dance, and the vocal lines are emotional, magnetic and insightful. The album 'SKALA.02' by Simesky+Fritch is what all fans of new wave and modern dream pop with a synth flavor need.

Listen to the album 'SKALA.02' below on Spotify and discover the creativity of the fantastic duo Simesky+Fritch.