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Satellite Train – Cry
Australian pop-rock band Satellite Train have released their second single from their upcoming album 'The Melbourne Sessions'. The single 'Cry' was released on October 13 and further opens the curtain of the band's debut record.

'Cry' is a wonderful, soulful and inspiring song. The lyrics tell about a little girl who grows up without parents and who is looking for her own piece of happiness. Every person sooner or later finds solace and life gives everyone bright moments, we just have to sincerely believe and hope.  

The song 'Cry' has a strong emotional component thanks to the sensual vocals and pumped-up harmonic accompaniment. A beautiful musical arrangement with a wide palette of backing vocals and soaring anthemic choruses gives this song a hit status and the opportunity to enter new places on international charts.  

Listen to the single 'Cry' below on Spotify and enjoy a fantastic new song from the promising Satellite Train.