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Golem Dance Cult – Ghost of Las Vegas
On October 31, the Australian band Golem Dance Cult give their fans a new music video 'Ghost of Las Vegas'. The song was included in their latest album 'Legend of the Bleeding Heart' and has a very memorable feature.

From the very beginning of their joint activity, the two founders of Golem Dance Cult decided not to chase perfection but to indulge in musical intuition and bold experimentalism. The song 'Ghost of Las Vegas' has a post-punk vibe with its dreamy guitar arpeggios and unflappable rhythm section. Strong guitar riffs accentuate and balance the seemingly blurred musical composition. The vocal lines are enchanting and give off real mysticism.  

In the music video 'Ghost of Las Vegas', members of Golem Dance Cult travel the world where mountains, strange houses, streets and corridors come across on their way. Clip inserts from the 1929 film 'Phantom of the Opera' add the appropriate atmosphere, and the masks on the faces of the musicians and their playing introduce us to the incredible world of surrealism and gothic.

Watch the music video 'Ghost of Las Vegas' below on YouTube and follow the work of the talented and charismatic band Golem Dance Cult.