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Carley Varley – Dirty Laundry
Acoustic folk-pop has been sounding more and more often lately, and we can only rejoice in such a circumstance. Firstly, its pure lyrical content is as transparent as mountain water and gives us thirst today, secondly the minimalist acoustic arrangements relax in their simplicity and naivety. To this cohort of tracks we would like to attribute the recent single 'Dirty Laundry' by English artist Carley Varley.

With this single, the singer begins preparations for the new EP that will be released soon. Not everything is so simple in her song. The lyrics reveal the theme of deceptive love and uncertainty in their choice. Uncertainty in a relationship is what pushes the most potential couples apart. It seems that take the hand of someone close to us and lead through life, but no, it does not always happen the way we want. 

Carley's vocals radiate white and he entices us with his truthfulness. Her acoustic guitar gives the sound that opens the door between us listeners and the artist. Only guitar and voice are all that Carly Varley has at the moment, as well as the desire to express their feelings and outlook on life. Listen to Carley Varley's new single 'Dirty Laundry' below on Spotify and touch something simple and clean.