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Carley Varley – HOMESICK
On October 13, a new single by the British artist Carley Varley was released. The song is called 'HOMESICK' and it tells about the feelings that are always with those who find it difficult to return home, about the whole dark world that plunges people in search of mental refuge on the streets.

'HOMESICK' is an extremely emotional song in a pop-punk style that blows everything around with a desperate forward movement. Carley Varley's vocals are filled with the inner strength of an artist who has put some of his own experience into it. Carley Varley at one time started with busking on the streets and felt all the hardships of this situation.

Now that everything is behind her, the artist is taking big steps towards her dream. Her music is the most precious thing she has and she shares with us her latest creative impulses. The song 'HOMESICK' by Carley Varley is a lively, energetic and killer song that makes us feel that deep inner state of loneliness and rejection.  

Listen to the single 'HOMESICK' below on Spotify and recharge yourself with a new rocking track from the promising Carley Varley.