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CRONAM – Decompression
On September 29, a new EP from the Berlin-based electronic musician CRONAM was released. As a veteran of the 90s underground scene, he experimented a lot before finding his sound.

CRONAM is also a member of the band 'Forms of Entrophy', 'Heuristics Berlin' Crew and the 'Substrata' DJ collective, where he expands his creative capabilities. EP 'Decompression' is a solo project that once again reveals CRONAM as an extraordinary and charismatic musician. 

The mini-album 'Decompression' consists of 3 tracks in which the elements Dubstep, DNB and Techno are heard. CRONAM recorded this EP in a Berlin studio where he used analog equipment to bring the tracks as close as possible to live performances. The atmosphere of this music allows us to immerse yourself in the world of cool electronic experiments, behind which is the unconditional talent of CRONAM.  

Listen to EP 'Decompression' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the incredible space of new music from CRONAM.