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Shaampoo Records – Johnny and Mary
The music project Shaampoo Records was founded in Australia by Bill Burke and later moved to London, UK. Real magic happens in Shaampoo Records home studio, where new tracks filled with emotions and feelings, experiences and life itself are born.

Last month, a new single from Shaampoo Records was released and it's a kind of cover version of thу Robert Palmer's song 'Johnny and Mary'. It turned out that this song is very close to Shaampoo Records and its updated version is a matter of time. 

The synth base remains the base for this light and rhythmic track. The sound has acquired a softer, modern sound and a wider musical palette. The inventive rhythm section perfectly embellishes the musical composition, and the vocal line amazes with its velvet timbre.  

'Johnny and Mary' is a great addition to Shaampoo Records' colorful music catalog so we highly recommend listening to this track below on Spotify.