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Clare Easdown – Scopolamine
Clare Easdown shared her new single 'Scopolamine' on September 27. This song was completely written, recorded and mixed by Clare Easdown herself in order to best convey the raw and honest emotions associated with her own experience.

The artist lives and records her music in her bedroom in Menai, Australia. Her new song 'Scopolamine' is a real cry of her soul, deep and insightful, tender and loving. Clare Easdown wrote this song after realizing that lost love cannot be returned and that what happened in the past will remain forever in her heart.  

The sensual voice of the artist subtly conveys the aesthetics of this song. Dreamy guitar arpeggios and minimalistic accompaniment pull us into a whirlwind of feelings and experiences. 'Scopolamine' is a beautiful and heartfelt ballad about lost love, performed with the utmost sincerity. 

Listen to Clare Easdown's single 'Scopolamine' on Spotify below and immerse yourself in the world of this haunting and sad song.