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Holly Jade – november
The Australian singer Holly Jade recently shared her new single 'november'. This intimate and soulful song tells about the loss of a friend and the emotional pain associated with it.

In 2019, Holly Jade moved to Los Angeles and has been writing and recording incredible songs ever since. In the creation of the songs, the artist was assisted by her old friends, the co-author Stephen Ordoñez and the producer Jamesfromtheinternet. Holly Jade's past releases received a lot of recognition in the press and got into the major playlists, which encouraged she to move on.  

The track 'november' is meaningful and revealing. The singer's warm voice penetrates into the innermost corners of our soul, forcing us to feel the lyrics and learn another story about losses, severe internal condition and nostalgia for the past. The laconic accompaniment with electric guitars, crisp beats and backing voices, paired with honest and soulful vocals make this song a real highlight this fall.  

Listen to the single 'november' below on Spotify and follow the work of the talented and promising Holly Jade.