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Matt DeAngelis – Speak For A Moment
Matt DeAngelis continues to please us with his insightful songs that have meaning. His latest single is called 'Speak For A Moment' and it talks about the importance of experiencing life here and now and catching every moment of it.

The sounds of a live ensemble with a progressive arrangement organically accompany Matt DeAngelis' soulful vocals. His voice is bright and remarkable, through it the artist reaches our hearts and gives real aesthetic pleasure. The original harmonic sequence perfectly conveys the essence of the song and once again reveals to us the talent of this truly interesting artist.  

In the music video 'Speak For A Moment', Matt DeAngelis performs his song against a background of constantly changing mise-en-scène. The artist appears in the bosom of nature, in a car, and his deep energy is always present with him, which he shares with us with special love.  

Check out the music video 'Speak For A Moment' below on YouTube and rate the amazing new song from Matt DeAngelis.