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Unca John – Your Opinion
John Shea not only a musician, songwriter and producer, he is also a true economics professor. In his free time, under artist name Unca John he likes to play jazz music on the clarinet and saxophone, and recently he started writing rock songs. 'Your Opinion' one of those songs that came out on July 25.

This is already the second single by Unca John and soon his debut album will be released, full of his creative experiments. The song 'Your Opinion' in a satirical form tells about people's superstitious belief in a world conspiracy and adapting their opinion to this nonsense. The tone of the singer perfectly conveys the aesthetics of the song and his homely friendly voice seems to be giving advice to his friend over a cup of tea.

Musically, the track 'Your Opinion' is built in the style of power pop and classic rock, where the melodic motif and rich rhythm section perfectly intertwine with guitar riffs. Unca John records all the vocal and musical parts of his musical compositions by himself in his home studio and then hands them over to professionals for mixing and mastering.

Listen to the single 'Your Opinion' below on Spotify and follow the creativity of the gifted and understanding life Unca John.