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Tyler Kamen – Bamboozle Tesseract
'Bamboozle Tesseract' is the 15th release of the New York musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tyler Kamen, which was released on May 5. This record is a continuation of the previous album 'Artichoke Pythagorum' and at the end of the year, the third final release of this trilogy is expected, where the fantastic and amazing adventures of the gnomes in their fairy land unfold.

Musically, the album 'Bamboozle Tesseract' continues to reach heights of virtuosity through its masterful playing of musical instruments and incredible cascades of musical compositions presented.  

'Bamboozle Tesseract' consists of 15 tracks that introduce us to the space of real art-rock with its progressive arrangements and motifs. Tyler Kamen wrote and recorded the album 'Bamboozle Tesseract' in his New York studio and released it on his own music label.  

Listen to the album 'Bamboozle Tesseract' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the space of interesting musical story offered by Tyler Kamen.