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Matt DeAngelis – Can’t Write About Today
Matt DeAngelis writes deep and thoughtful songs that reveal to us the contemporary world and its problems. One such song is his latest single 'Can't Write About Today', which was released on April 14.

This musical composition has a broad harmonic motif that holds our attention and reveals the power of the author's message. Matt DeAngelis voice is sensual and moderately emotional, he sings to us about the disappointing present, where deplorable events are happening on all sides.

Our planet has received a lot of pain in recent years and continues to be swept along by a desperate whirlwind of troubles and sorrows, diseases and wars. Only the Lord can stop all this and give us hope for tomorrow. The song 'Can't Write About Today' has a wonderful soft rock sound that enhances the effect of the lyrics beautifully sung by the artist.  

Listen to the single 'Can't Write About Today' below on Spotify and enjoy a powerful and soulful new song from Matt DeAngelis.