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Shawn Brown – Angel of Oakland
Pure guitars, light drive, emotional and romantic vocals - that's how the first and title track of new EP 'Angel of Oakland' by singer-songwriter Shawn Brown sounds. His lines cling to our souls with a piercing look into the past and the opportunity to find the future.

Shawn is an experienced American musician with several successful albums in the 00s. 

The second track from the new EP is '9th Street Hymn'. It is a viscous acoustic rock with riffs and pauses that pass into the world of melodic guitars. 

Shawn Brown has added to the recording of his new EP famous musicians from the bands Shakira and Pink so perhaps this is what added to his material that jewelry soft-rock with delicious and drive parts that come to us and open the door to our playlists. 

'Taking on Water' is the final composition of Shawn's mini-album. Acoustics and voice. Only strings support the background of language like true friends with advice. A ballad about defeat a ballad about life. 

Shawn has had a long break between recent releases and is now embarking on new ideas that are more mature and perfect. Listen to the full EP 'Angel of Oakland' below on Spotify and experience the new sound of a new soft-rock from Shawn Brown.