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Ruby Topaz – Rabbit Hole
Ruby Topaz is a musical project of multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Mark Bram. His album titled 'Rabbit Hole' released last November and consists of 14 original tracks.

Ruby Topaz conveys his love of the rock of the 60s and 70s, infusing it with their own inspiration, appreciating the ever-living era of true excellence in music. The author of this album also teaches Tai Chi Chuan, practicing which raises his spiritual level, which was reflected in his songwriting.  

Indeed, the tracks presented in the record 'Rabbit Hole' have their own special charm, where melody, rhythm and drive are present in equal proportions and give listeners an incredible journey into the world of beautiful, Her Majesty rock music.  

Listen to the album 'Rabbit Hole' from Ruby Topaz on Spotify below and get high aesthetic pleasure from a true master of music.