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JShell – In My Head
New York musician, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter JShell released his debut album 'In My Head' on February 14th. This creative work includes 15 audio tracks, each of which has a video version.

To record such a conceptual record, JShell involved legendary musicians and producers who added all the influence and genius of their talent to this work. 'In My Head' sounds in the best traditions of classic prog-rock with elements of hard and alternative rock. Beautiful musical arrangements created by JShell show his ability to correctly arrange all the elements of this complex and rich music.  

The depth of the record 'In My Head' is measured by the originality of the musical ideas and the powerful contribution of the guest stars. Music videos, which are mainly animations, add impact and greater immersion to musical themes and help to better understand their content. 

Listen to the album 'In My Head' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the musical experiments of the talented musician and composer JShell.