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littleuniverses – littleuniverses
Canadian artist littleuniverses released her debut album 'littleuniverses' on February 10. This charming record features ten soulful songs. The great musicians and producers took part in the recording of the album, who contributed to this creative work.

The album 'littleuniverses' combines a dark folk vibes with live acoustic guitars and cinematic synthesizer background. Rhythmic forms from trip-hop to blurred drones are perfectly designed by sophisticated instrumental arrangements.  

littleuniverses' vocals sound sensual and mysterious, it carries meaningful lyrics in which we can find peace and answers to many life questions. littleuniverses perfectly combines the lyrical component of her debut album with an experimental approach to the musical concept.  

Listen to the album 'littleuniverses' from littleuniverses on Spotify below and discover the work of this unique and charming artist.