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Intercontinen7al – Vol. 3
The global music project Intercontinen7al presented their 3rd full-length album named 'Vol. 3'. The record was released on December 16 and included 14 original tracks created in worldwide collaboration of musicians working online.

Indeed, this is the first such project in which musicians from all 7 continents of the earth have gathered together, and this fact alone makes the act more interesting and exciting. The album 'Vol. 3' also has a great mission to support refugees from Ukraine with the funds they have earned. For 300 days, a fierce war has been raging on Ukrainian lands, where the brave people are choosing their freedom by fighting against the invaders.  

The main single 'War's the Noise' tells exactly about this war and behind the beautiful musical arrangement and gentle vocals we will see pain and despair, hope and endurance. The collection of tracks presented in the album 'Vol. 3' sounds in the most diverse styles, from funk and folk to rock and metal, which makes the record a unique imprint of the modern music scene.  

Listen to the album 'Vol. 3' below on Spotify and stay tuned for updates from this unique and exciting musical project Intercontinen7al.