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Ruiz! – The Human Touch
Sheffield singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Ruiz! released new single is called 'The Human Touch' on December 20th. This song was written during the pandemic, which made a peculiar impression on the mood and atmosphere of the track.

Ruiz!'s new song is based on understanding the past stage of humanity through tragic dark times and about new future obstacles that we will all have to overcome. We need to become kinder to help our loved ones and only this will save our crazy world.  

The rich guitar sound of the track 'The Human Touch' creates tension in the musical composition that emotionally carry its mission. The vocals have that exquisite and penetrating timbre that penetrates the soul and makes us think about who we are and where we are going.

Listen to the single 'The Human Touch' below on Spotify and immerse yourself in the power of emotions and experiences along with a new song from Ruiz!.