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Rich Chambers – It’s Christmas Time (All Over the World)
Rich Chambers made an amazing career in a few years by releasing a Christmas album and a series of singles in which he talks about life's needs and the search for peace of mind. His songs are honest and understandable, they are accessible to almost everyone thanks to the incredible inner energy that emanates from this talented singer-songwriter.

The song 'It's Christmas Time (All Over the World)' is exactly the track with which Rich Chambers began an active phase of his creative journey in 2019. Thanks to Santa, the song was liked by thousands of music lovers all over the world and since then the number of Rich Chambers' fans has been increasing. 

The energy of real rock n roll in sound and presentation makes this song extremely memorable and open. Rock n roll guitar and a clockwork rhythm section support Rich Chambers and his bright vocals.  

The music video 'It's Christmas Time (All Over the World)' interprets the story through an animated production where the fairy tale becomes reality and reality becomes the fairy tale. The adventures of Santa, who visits everyone on the list, lead him to the end point, where instead of a gift, someone wants to see him.

Watch the music video 'It's Christmas Time (All Over the World)' below on YouTube and enjoy this fantastic holiday song from Rich Chambers.