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Lord Sonny The Unifier – Howl
On November 4, a new single by the American rock artist Lord Sonny The Unifier was released. The song is called 'Howl' And it is part of the upcoming album 'America's Newest Hitmaker' which will be released in March next year.

'Howl' is a powerful rock composition, saturated with a dynamic serpentine acoustic rock n roll atmosphere. Bright and driving vocals are a strong cry of the artist's soul and a manifestation of his inner strength. The catchy motif of the song has a characteristic rock sound that contains elements of hard and punk rock. 

In the music video 'Howl', the artist plays the main role, where he is free and revolutionary as never before. His emotional messages against the background of the road and musical instruments on which he plays perfectly make us agree with his opinion and follow him.  

Watch the music video 'Howl' below on YouTube and get pumped up with a new hot song from Lord Sonny The Unifier.