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The Taproots – Tales of Wonderland
The American band The Taproots pleased all fans of country and folk rock with their debut album 'Tales of Wonderland' and we were also glad to meet that big record. These lovely life stories find their home in these captivating songs.

Walters and Cassingham alternate vocal parts, creating a deep palette of images and realistic moments. Their duet not only fascinates but inspires with its lyrics and beautiful vocal timbres. Undoubtedly talented tandem of singers create an incredible atmosphere, immersing us in the very essence of their songs.

Outstanding producers and musicians of the highest class worked on the album, which definitely affected the quality of the musical content. Amazing guitar arrangements and a clear rhythm section defines the sound of the album as a collection of cool songs.  

The Taproots is a really great band that moves forward, giving people joy and hope. Listen to the album 'Tales of Wonderland' from The Taproots on Spotify below and enjoy their honest and soulful songs.