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The Wanton String Band – The Wanton String Band
The Wanton String Band was founded in 2016 in Great Britain by like-minded musicians who dreamed of performing indie folk of their own production. Their self-titled debut album was released on October 13 and gave us an incredible musical pleasure that carries the aesthetics of folk and country music.

The record consists of 7 exquisite tracks, which aim to open a new vision of folk heritage. The almost completely instrumental compositions is created from melodically pulsating elements supported by a frantic rhythm section and an invisible inner spirit of antiquity. 

Constantly alternating musical parts hypnotize with its punchy dance motif that calls for a good time and enjoyment of life here and now. The wild energy of the album meets the awesome harmonic beauty of folk music, which makes it easy to look into the future and build our life plans.  

Listen to the album 'The Wanton String Band' below on Spotify and follow the work of this talented and incendiary folk collective.