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Realma – Ashgrey Butterfly
Realma is a Serbian-Chinese singer who creates music that does not fit the usual patterns of the pop industry. Her independent style was formed under the influence of Disney musicals and experimental searches for the realization of her art.

A new single from Realma was released on November 11 and is called 'Ashgrey Butterfly'. This epic musical composition fully reveals the nature of the fantastic story that is happening with the main character. The multi-layered musical texture is organically intertwined, bringing together the sounds of classics, avant-garde and art pop.  

Animated video 'Ashgrey Butterfly', a true story of finding one's love. The main character goes on her way without succumbing to delusion and falling into despair. Her hero is waiting for her and she feels it. The song 'Ashgrey Butterfly' received three variants of music arrangements, each of which is worthy of attention and each of which will surely find its listener.  

Watch the music video 'Ashgrey Butterfly' below on YouTube and discover the creativity of the bright and original Realma.