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Silverbird – Open The Door
'Open The Door' is the name of the new single of the German band Silverbird. The new song was released on August 5 and embellished the band's ever-growing music catalog. The ballad form of this musical composition fascinates from the first sincere notes of the guitar accompaniment and the organic rhythm section.

A beautiful folk-rock motif is the basis of the track and we merge into its melodic structure, dissolving in its good atmosphere.  The vocal line gracefully flies over the classic rock sound, and the solo guitar emits unsurpassed soulful melismas. 

The song 'Open The Door' is an extremely harmonious piece of music with a fiery melody and inspiring content. We are glad to get acquainted with the creativity of such an interesting and unique collective and advise you to pay attention to their creative path.  

Listen to the single 'Open The Door' below on Spotify and enjoy the pure and expressive song from Silverbird.