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Hush Bewlay – I’m A Stranger Here Myself
The Los Angeles-based artist Hush Bewlay debuted on August 10 with the EP 'I'm A Stranger Here Myself'. This record included 4 tracks that were written and recorded in his own studio in his apartment.

Hush Bewlay's songs have a characteristic sound of the 80s, new wave and dream pop. The bouncy beats bring out sweet accents for a chic arrangement of rich synth and guitar sounds. 

Hush Bewlay has a charming vocal timbre that perfectly conveys the aesthetics of his songs. The beauty of this music is inexhaustible and has great potential.  

The record  'I'm A Stranger Here Myself' is a collection of sophisticated songs made with love and feeling. We will follow the work of this talented musician and are happy to present his debut mini-album.

Listen to the EP 'I'm A Stranger Here Myself' on Spotify below and enjoy the fantastic songs from Hush Bewlay.