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Wayne Merdinger – Troubadour
Wayne Merdinger is American experienced musician, singer-songwriter who has been composing his deep and soulful songs for a long time to start sharing them recently. He was always around music and music was in him. While still at school in the 70s, he fell in love with rock n roll and learned to play the guitar thanks to an unknown rock band with which fate brought him.

Although their fates diverged 50 years after these events, Wayne Merdinger remembered one of the songs the guys played and decided to record it, adding some additions to the lyrics. This song is called 'The Train Song (I Saw You)', and it was included in the new album 'Troubadour', which was released at the end of May. The ballad style of this song has a classic rock sound with country elements. Extremely melodic vocals and sensual lyrics are similar to that world where young dreams, rock n roll and friends seem to last forever.  

The album includes some other exciting songs that flow from the soul of the author and are inspired by love, friendship and great music. The special manner of Wayne Merdinger's singing and the original musical design of his songs make us listen to this tracklist again and again, bringing back the good times and thinking about the future.  

Listen to the album 'Troubadour' on Spotify below and enjoy some truly impressive life songs from Wayne Merdinger's latest repertoire.