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Trytone – Hyperdrive
Rock band Trytone balancing between Europe and America, where the members of the trio are active creatively. Their debut album 'Hyperdrive' was released on May 27 and included 8 original tracks.

In their music, Trytone uses a wide musical palette in which the musicians show their extraordinary talent for instrumentation and composition. The album 'Hyperdrive' was recorded on analog equipment, the sound of which was transmitted to the organic music parts and their timbral color.  

The song 'Hey You' has a beautifully harmonic sequence that is memorable for its deep theme and groovy funk motif. The title song 'Hyperdrive' opens with disturbing verses with elements of hard rock of the 70s, which transition into pop-rock choruses with a wide palette of backing vocal lines and bright hooks.  

The composition 'Tricks on You' continues the glorious traditions of the legendary Deep Purple with their melodic hard rock based on the abundant use of keyboard and guitar solo parts together with a sublime vocal theme. 'Battlefield' is a track that captivates with its chic arrangement that often changes its structure, moving from one style to another and rotating its unique look.

Listen to the full album 'Hyperdrive' on Spotify below and appreciate this really great record from Trytone.