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Amateur Aztec Hour – Vol. 0
American artist Amateur Aztec Hour debuted with a full-length album 'Vol. 0'. The album received 13 original music tracks based on elements of lo-fi, hip-hop and trip-hop.

Amateur Aztec Hour has designed his first album in such a way that we are completely immersed in the groove rhythms and relaxing aura of its deep mood.  

The electronic drums set the modern sound on which the layers of synthesizers and mesmerizing sound effects are superimposed. In these sounds we find a psychedelic vibes that draws in its special meanings, opening these songs before us in thoughtful lyrics and elegant musical arrangements. 

The talented production of the album 'Vol. 0' is obvious because the tracklist is listened to in one breath, giving a wonderful pastime to music lovers who are looking for something warm and true.  

Listen to the album 'Vol. 0' from Amateur Aztec Hour on Spotify below and discover the work of this unique in sound and lyricism artist.