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Luna Keller – Prophecies and Silver Linings
The young singer-songwriter Luna Keller, has already established herself as a talented and creative person. Her songs are multifaceted and they have something warm. On April 14, her debut album was released, combining songs that she wrote thanks to her life experience at the age of 14-20. She look on life gently and good-naturedly that is organically conveyed in her songs.

The track 'High Low High Low' has a beautiful acoustic sound in which rhythmic verses have elegant melodic transitions that are combined with broader melodic choruses. The song 'Lost' is extremely emotional and resilient. The piano accompaniment goes well with the vocal line that sounds unforgettable. Interesting bridges create a special mood that is present in all movements of rhythm and harmony.  

The ballad 'Let Me Go Now' is beautiful in its form and mood. Warm and sad vocals sound deep and penetrating. The song 'Wanderer' is brilliant with its folk motif and natural grace. Great singing and soft accompaniment create a cozy atmosphere.  

Listen to the full album 'Prophecies and Silver Linings' from Luna Keller on Spotify below and discover her talent to be yourself in her own songs.