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Lethia’s Natorium – Lullaby
Lethia's Natorium is a music project by a British singer-songwriter Pena Hughes-John. The first single from Lethia's Natorium's upcoming album was released on March 14.

The song is called 'Lullaby' and it is developed in an experimental form that perfectly reveals the talent and charisma of the author. The composition involves studio effects that conceptually unite all aspects of the original work, creating an incredible atmosphere of perception of this music.  

The song starts from the classic violin melisms that permeate our soul and sways little by little, putting us in an almost hypnotic state from the flow of emotionally deep melodies. Singing is magnetic and bewitching. The music instruments that roll back sound unique, adding their charm to the ornament of this powerful work.  

Listen to the single 'Lullaby' from Lethia's Natorium on Spotify below and get great aesthetic pleasure from listening to this piece.