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Chris D’Agostino – Don’t Mind the Rain
Chris D'Agostino is a known artist who captures the famous venues of Boston and other American cities with his enchanting style of singing. Chris D'Agostino is a talented songwriter who can boast of his first releases where there is a personal unique style of performance.

His new single 'Don't Mind the Rain' was released on February 25 and immediately captured our attention because Chris D'Agostino undertook to sing the vintage hit of 1924, composed by Chester Conn and Ned Miller. Based on a well-known motif, Chris D'Agostino added his own adjustments to the lyrics and arrangement of the composition.  

In his hands, this song sounded new with a fresh look at the musical heritage of Broadway. The vocals sound warm and inspired, it conveys the melodious mood of hope. The musical accompaniment is rich and bright based on the melodic lines of the piano and bass groove.  

Listen to the single 'Don't Mind the Rain' from Chris D'Agostino on Spotify below and enjoy this fantastic mood of an amazing song.