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Littleuniverses – Corners
The Canadian singer-songwriter Littleuniverses during the pandemic recorded the EP 'Corners' which expressed her sad thoughts and soulful feelings caused by quarantine. The mini-album includes 4 tracks organized by one concept and sound.

In the song 'Getting By', the motives of the alternative rock are accompanied by a viscous guitar and transparent synthesizers. The electronic beats sets the rhythm and the beautiful vocals lead the graceful dark melody.  

'Isolation' is a bright mirror track that conveys an isolated image in its depths. Soul vocals with guitar accompaniment are simple and organic. 

The song 'Broken Dreams' is experimental and emotional. The misty sounds of ambient and soaring vocals are combined in one atmospheric plane, which reveals its artistic idea with realistic experiences. 

'Before it Begins' is an acoustic ballad that is honest and true in its presentation of deep lyrics.  

Listen to the EP 'Corners' on Spotify below and dive into the depths of creativity Littleuniverses.