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Forever Searching – I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore
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Forever Searching, a mysterious duo on a relentless quest for sonic perfection, introduces their inaugural single, "I Don't Think I Love You Anymore." Released alongside a haunting music video directed by Ben Kirschenbaum, this track marks the beginning of their journey into the music scene, drawing comparisons to established acts like Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Jungle.
Dylan Tauber – Sea People
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On August 25, a new album from the unique electronic artist Dylan Tauber was released. The record called 'Sea People' included 10 original tracks and one remix. Dylan Tauber, as mentioned above, a truly unique and exciting creator.
DMZLxMoses – Hollow
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Based on the collaboration between Israeli producer Guy Moses and rap artist DMZL, a successful musical tandem emerged, the result of which was an album that will be released later this year. The single 'Hollow' is the first release that opens the curtain to this cool record.
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LIAT DAGAN is an Israeli indie artist who opens a deep world full of feelings and emotions with her creativity. She is currently working on her debut album and the single 'PALE' is her most recent release.
Stein – The Lost Horse
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Israeli artist Stein released his new solo album called 'The Lost Horse' at the beginning of this year. The artist is usually engaged in progressive rock, but he always had a dream to release a surf album, and this work is before us.
Daniel Dor – Crab Nebula
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Israeli artist Daniel Dor released his new single 'Crab Nebula' on February 28. This musical composition has a soaring mood that seems to drag us high into the sky where we can contemplate our long-suffering planet.
Asaf Ashkenazy – Dog In Yard
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The Israeli artist Asaf Ashkenazy has been performing at venues of various levels for a long time, presenting acoustic and electric versions of his music show. His first album was released in 2015, since then the artist has been adding to his music catalog.
Elad David – The Big Picture
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'The Big Picture' is the name of the new record of the Israeli musician and producer Elad David. The album consists of five tracks, four of which were previously released as singles.
Sivan Langer – Alibi
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On October 25, a new single by the Israeli artist Sivan Langer was released. The song is called 'Alibi' and it has that intriguing story that grabs our attention and delights in an aesthetically beautiful harmony.
Pini Gurfil – Call It Art
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'Call It Art' is the name of Pini Gurfil's new single, written to show his own attitude towards the art of music and how it can affect people's minds and lives.
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