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Poetica – Poetica
Poetica is music project is a unique phenomenon on the New York music scene. Created on the basis of a duo of poet and producer Rachael Sage and the famous cellist Dave Eggar, this project reveals the potential of modern poetry, experimental music and extraordinary artistic aura. Poetica's debut album was released on October 22 and included 19 tracks.

The song 'Unconditional' sounds mesmerizing with oriental motifs on a musical background. Fresh poems with a deep philosophical atmosphere pour in its rhythm to the light of eternity like a burning candle scattering its warm in darkness. 'Passenger' has a mystical color with blues notes. The story of the wild west is revealed in only one episode. The 'Handwriting' sad and foggy track flies by quickly and avant well. 'Butterflies' is a graceful composition that carries its waves of spiritual search that like butterflies circle over the truth and watch its movement. 

Poetica is preparing for new releases next year and anyone looking for something fresh, artistic and original should follow their work. And right now listen to the full debut album 'Poetica' below on Spotify.