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Francesca Monte – The One For Me
On November 5, a new single 'The One For Me' by Italian singer Francesca Monte was released. The artist won the hearts of Italy with her sad songs and is now based in London to cover more of her work.

Her musical career has been amazing with various collaborations and performances in many countries around the world. Francesca Monte builds up the potential of a real star by focusing on recording great electronic pop songs.   

'The One For Me 'one of them and we catch the invisible waves of emotional experiences that saturate the lyrics of the singer. The song is about toxic love that prevents the development of healthy relationships and neglects sincerity and openness.  

The vocals Francesca Monte have an awesome timbre that makes the song even more cool and extraordinary. The electronic beats and harmonic backing vocal lines help the synthesizer sound to create an amazing polyphonic harmony that spreads gracefully across the plane of the composition.  

Listen to the single 'The One For Me' on Spotify below and enjoy the song art of Francesca Monte.