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John Leslie Hulcombe – Love Found A Way
Artist John Leslie Hulcombe from Australia recently released his third single called 'Love Found A Way'. This gorgeous pop rock song is a reflection of his talent as a songwriter.

John's talent is first and foremost in his ability to create unforgettable melodies with good soul lyrics. He uses beautiful arrangements in his compositions. And this time it happened with his new track. 

The song 'Love Found A Way' bursts into our consciousness with its beauty and bright background and fills the expanses of the planet, gathering the eyes of happy people. This lyric in the structure of the song sounds like a hymn of love. 

The song sounds as Americana and folk rock are mixed with elements of 70s pop. Pop rock choruses are strong and inspiring, overcoming our confidence that love will find its way to everyone. We cannot live without love because we are humans and humans were created for love. 

A beautiful guitar solo once again gives us a chance to catch our breath and sing the main leitmotif of this colorful song from John Leslie Hulcombe. Listen to the single 'Love Found A Way' below on Spotify.