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Of Shadows And Lights – The End Of A Nightmare
A new masterpiece of studio work was presented by the Italian artist Of Shadows And Lights. His single 'The End Of A Nightmare' was released on July 8. Of Shadows And Lights' previous recordings have already impressed us with their high quality creative ingenuity and now we are getting a new part of talented music.

The single 'The End Of a Nightmare' is a kind of ode to the end of a world nightmare. Farewell song that carries the warning of pain and hope of future. The musical composition 'The End Of A Nightmare' is saturated by long vocal melodies, which cut into our memory with its penetrating lyrics and post-punk rhythm section that is monotonous and minimalist in its straightforward movement.  

In the choruses, the track turns into a rock hit with reefs in the style of The Rasmus. A real oriental tunes fills the space of the track during guitar solo, which makes the composition brighter and more elegant. Listen to the single 'The End Of A Nightmare' below on Spotify and look at the situation in the world through the prism of a graceful work by Of Shadows And Lights.