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C.M. Jenkins – The Butterfly in Allegro
The heroes of classical music are the real heroes of our time who lead the masses to the best music and bring people to the great. C.M. Jenkins is one such artist and he cares for us listeners to open that facet of beautiful and eternal sounds.

The debut album of the American composer 'First Movements Along A Curve' is being prepared for release and while we catch the streams of his light music through the single 'The Butterfly in Allegro'. 

Its smooth flow of piano music invites us into the open world of vast space. The virtuoso fingers of the pianist give out incredible melodic passages in the middle of single minimalist accents. The composition in the best traditions of Rachmaninoff's romanticism received a modern embodiment in the form of a single by C.M. Jenkins. 

The music video 'The Butterfly in Allegro' it is a wonderful visualization from the director Jillian Banner. The unshakable image of the ballerina flies in her dance through colors, cities, natural landscapes and higher and higher up to immeasurable light. Like the flight of a gentle butterfly. The director shows the idea of ​​the composer in all its beauty.

Listen to the single 'The Butterfly in Allegro' and watch the video on YouTube below to climb with the C.M. Jenkins' butterfly in search of its light.