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IDN – Kaleidoscope
American electronic artist IDN presented his debut album 'Kaleidoscope' on February 4. This colorful and multifaceted work has a wide stylistic scope, which presents this project as experimental and avant-garde. The album includes 14 tracks that put us in a magnetic trance state and gives the aesthetic pleasure via this modern art form.

The song 'Heather Grey' is a calm and atmospheric music with soulful lyrics and good vocals. The track 'Groove Bot' is based on electronic impulses that have its own unique fragmented rhythm and bass mechanical vocals. The short song 'Hyper Funk' runs with its energetic loops and cartoon accelerated voices that shimmer with synthetic melisms.  

The track 'Fantasy' got an industrial sound with a dark character and hip-hop focus. 'Spring Sweets' received an experimental interpretation of a pop song with elements of a game model of music. The song 'Snake Charmer' is avant-garde and innovative in its minimalist and bizarre arrangement.  

Listen to the full album 'Kaleidoscope' on Spotify below and get acquainted with the work of the charismatic and talented IDN.