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The Cookie Jar Complot – CAVIAR CAPITAL
The band The Cookie Jar Complot is based in Luxembourg where they became part of the local indie scene. They play original instrumental music that combines elements of post-rock and indie rock. The dance component is present in their works, which fills the rhythm with rich melodic lines.

The band's debut EP is called 'CAVIAR CAPITAL' and it was released on December 3. The mini-album consists of 4 tracks that reveal the high potential of musicians and their creative impulses.  

The song 'NEO' begins as a real post-rock with guitar duos growing into a wide-ranging ensemble play. The melody and mood of the track are colorful and romantic.  

'TFO' is a song that sounds clear and poignant. Retro bass and guitar melodies intersect with cascading drums. Melodic parts change often and intensively revealing new and new images.  

The track 'sweet dreams' is immersed in a post-rock atmosphere that divides its monotonous refrains into dense squares.  

'Tides' is a lively composition that disperses the air with its atmospheric tremolos and heroic melodies.  

Listen to the EP 'CAVIAR CAPITAL' from The Cookie Jar Complot on Spotify below and enjoy high-quality instrumental music.