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The Cookie Jar Complot – Cookies
The band The Cookie Jar Complot continues to release high-quality instrumental music, which is a benchmark for the quality and charisma of modern musical art. The Cookie Jar Complot was founded in 2020 in Luxembourg by two like-minded musicians Gilles and Sven and since then the collective has become a notable phenomenon in the local indie scene.

Their new single was released on September 9 and consists of two tracks, the first of which is called 'Cookies'. It really showed cool music that begins to form from the growing atmosphere of post-rock and turns into dynamic math-rock. The epic vibes of the track pulls the listener into the vortex of the musical kaleidoscope and firmly holds the attention of the listeners, giving them an incredible musical ecstasy.

The second track has the name of the band and this song is a real anthem for them, with fantastic explosive power and intelligent energy. 'The Cookie Jar Complot' is the great composition where the rhythm and complex riff structure are organically interwoven in a fancy dance, opening new and new possibilities of rock music.

Certainly, The Cookie Jar Complot deserves the best praise from music critics and the love of fans of alternative music. Listen to the single 'Cookies' below on Spotify from The Cookie Jar Complot and follow the work of this incredible musical rock band.